Native American Children Training Forum
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Currently, eighteen tribes and community-based organizations participate in NACTF. These sites have received telecommunications/IT equipment and technical assistance to improve their capacity to engage in and/or provide ICWA related distance learning, professional networking and client support services.

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Native American Children Training Forum:  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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The California Children’s Justice Act (CJA) Task Force  to assess the needs of the Indian child welfare (ICWA) system in California. The report is finalized. To view report findings, please click here.

NACTF Guidance Webinars

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1)         Guidance Webinar #1, July 11, 2018
2)         Guidance Webinar #2 August 7, 2018


May 2018 Issue 1

June 2018 Issue 2

July 2018 Issue 3

August 2018 Issue 4

September 2018 Issue 5

October 2018 Issue 6

November 2018 Issue 7

December 2018 Issue 8

Regional Hub Sites
Three regional hub sites have been established under NACTF.  Regional hubs receive IT equipment and software to provide remote training, web conferencing, a local classroom environment and workgroup meetings to accommodate and foster distance learning among tribes and service providers regionally.







This project is supported with funding awarded by the federal Children's Justice Act, through the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, with grant award CF15048670