NIJC is dedicated to providing the highest quality and cost-effective training sessions and provides each trainee/attendee with a comprehensive course manual and certificate of completion. In addition, by attending our training seminars, Continuing Learning Education credits (CLE credits) may be obtained from your provider.

The NIJC training schedule is subject to change. Please contact NIJC for further information or to be added to the mailing list. Announcements and application forms for each session will be mailed prior to each session.

Click on each training session to print a registration form and fax to us at (707) 579-9019 in order to register for any of the following training sessions. This provides the highest security to ensure credit card numbers do not fall in the wrong hands!! OR call (707) 579-5507 to register.

Tuition for the sessions is $545 per person. NIJC presents two separate training sessions at each location.

NIJC Staff and Consultants are constantly involved in ongoing research regarding issues in Indian country in order to ensure that NIJC provides the most current, updated, and relevant training.

NIJC designs and conducts ON-SITE training tailored to specific needs. If you wish to discuss an ON-SITE, please call the above number or E-mail us at:

NIJC has developed the following list of suggested training topics for state and federal agencies seeking to improve their understanding of and working relationships with tribes.  Currently, these trainings may be offered online in shortened time frames (1 to 3 hours).  Once it is safe to gather in person, you will need to contact NIJC to determine pricing and time required for onsite delivery.  Onsite delivery of the training may be in the shortened or original half and full day training formats, if preferred. Trainings that include an agency’s Consultation Policy may require additional pricing to incorporate their specific policy. For 2023, presentations that are 60 minutes in length are $3500 per offering. Titles that are up to 120 minutes in length are $4500 per offering. Titles (or combinations thereof) that are greater than 120 minutes require additional presenters and pricing will be determined.




Foundations of Federal Indian Law, Parts 1 and 2

Federal Indian Law / 120 minutes
This presentation can be split into two 60 min presentations.

Doctrine of Discovery and the Marshall Trilogy, Legal status of Tribes in relationship to the Federal and state governments, Treaty Rights, Tribal Sovereignty, Trust Responsibility and California’s Unratified Treaties.

California Tribes and the State of California

Cultural Competency / 90 minutes

A history of CA’s early laws and their impacts upon tribes in CA. This includes a discussion of CA tribal land bases and governmental infrastructure. This discussion looks at PL 280, Relocation and the multilayered indigenous population within the state.

Colonialism and Historic Trauma

Cultural Competency / 60 minutes

Impacts of the Mission System on CA Tribes, Indentured Servitude of CA Indians, and the Federal and State funded Militias targeting CA tribal communities

Tribal Consultation with California Tribes

Federal Indian Law and Cultural Competency / 90 minutes

Discussion of tribal consultation protocols, consultation policy, and meeting consultation expectations.

Online Courses

The National Indian Justice Center is pleased to provide many online courses. For a list of the courses and a full description please go to the distance Learning Website at:

Some courses may require a username and password. Click on the course title that you are interested in. You will be directed to a sign up form for the course. Within 10 days of signing up, you will receive a username and password for the course. You may also request a username and password by e-mailing Christy Garcia at At this time, all courses are free to anyone interested in taking one or more.

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The National Indian Justice Center (NIJC) is a training and technical assistance organization that seeks to improve the administration of justice and to improve health and safety in tribal communities.

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