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Welcome to the Tribal Consultation Toolkit Website

The California Tribal Consultation Toolkit is a project designed to increase the capacity of federally recognized and unrecognized tribes in California to effectively participate in state, regional, and local decision-making on issues of land development and environmental quality. These issues may have negative impacts on community health and wellness and the connection to Native culture. The toolkit is an expansion on NIJC’s existing Tribal Environmental Program (TEP) training program by adding an online toolkit module to our current curriculum.

The toolkit will include downloadable and modifiable templates (e.g. sample consultation protocol, prioritization/decision matrices) and facts sheets on consultation best practices that can assist those who are charged with consultation at the tribal level (both paid staff and volunteers) to be able to sort through, prioritize and make assignments, and apply consistent and effective protocols to the myriad notices tribes receive annually.

This project is funded by Consumer Organics Fund of the California Consumer Protection Foundation

Needs Assessment

Frequently, federally recognized and non-recognized California tribes need to respond to notices to consult from California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) lead agencies and state, local, and federal agencies on matters impacting the tribes’ cultural and natural resources. Additionally, tribes may seek consultation with these agencies. We would like to learn more about your tribe’s consultation needs to better inform the consultation toolkit.

Please tell us about your consultation needs by filling out a short questionnaire using the following link: