A song may be defined as
a distinctive or characteristic sound made by an animal,
such as a bird or an insect; poetry; verse; or a lyric poem or ballad.

A song often defines the issues and concerns SONGS OF OUR PEOPLE
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The Songs of Our People Video Project is a statewide oral history documentation project that helps sustain intergenerational learning and oral literacy for California Indian youth and families, provides workshops on multi-media production and creates innovative instructional resources on California Indian histories, cultures and contemporary issues for tribal and institutional educators and other groups. Funded through major grants from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Native Americans, Social and Economic Development (SEDs) Program and the AT&T Foundation.If you are interested in participating in the Songs of Our People Video Project or for more information, please visit the Songs of Our People Tool Box page and download the site application.


The following video clips were produced by California tribal youth video production teams who participated in the Songs of Our People Video Project. We invite you to view these clips and to use them to increase your understanding of California tribal communities.


You will need Windows Media Player (version 8 minimum) to view the video files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view any listed resource files.


Songs of Our People Tool Box: Click this link to see the materials needed to duplicate this project in your community.



Government and History

Culture and Community


Tribal Governance and Sovereignty (Other Resources)

California Indian Storytellers

Developing Storytelling Skills

Storytelling (Other Resources)

  • Go to PBS.org for Storytelling Lesson Plans

Tribal Identity

Tribal Identity (Other Resources)

Remembering Ishi

Remembering Ishi (Other Resources)

Domestic Violence

  • When Small Fights Turn into Battles (Under Construction)
  • Consequences (Under Construction)

Domestic Violence (Other Resources)


Environment (Other Resources)

Understanding and Dealing with the Impacts of Historical Events

Impacts of Alcohol and Drugs on Tribal Communities

Impacts of Alcohol and Drugs on Tribal Communities (Other Resources)



The Songs of Our People Project was made possible due to grants from:

the Administration for Native Americans


and the AT&T Foundation

ATT Foundation

Tribal Community Histories

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