Activating Native Youth Assets - The Activating Native Youth Assets Project is a three-year regional capacity building initiative funded by the Compassion Captial Fund, Communities Empowering Youth Program and administered by the National Indian Justice Center. Sustainable programs that respond to the unique needs of Native youth and reflect Native community cultural values can be encouraged locally with the right support. Activating Native Youth Assets works to discover specific risk factors that make Native youth in Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Counties vulnerable to violence, gang involvement and child abuse and neglect, while also identifying protective factors that contribute to youth resiliency. Our goal is to provide capacity building T/TA that can activate and enhance existing community programs and protective factors to counteract individual, family, peer and community level risks. The National Indian Justice Center works collaboratively with the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center and Sonoma County Indian Health Project, two other regional Native youth serving organizations to implement the project. Over the next three years, we will begin working on building our individual and collective organizational capacity in the areas of leadership development, organizational development, program development and community engagement in order to expand our ability to better serve Native youth in the project target area.

2010 Capacity Building Mini-Conference Registration Form

The California Indian Museum and Cultural Center invites you to an evening of storytelling! - To watch the StoryTelling event live online, go to:

Community Needs Assessment - To discover risks and protective factors and map community assets for Native youth, the project conducted a Community Needs Assessment. Respondents to the Needs Assessment were entered into a raffle drawing for a Pendleton Blanket.

***The Winner of the 2009 raffle is Carmelita Trippo of Santa Rosa***


The Needs Assessment is an ongoing process. Click the link below if you would like to respond to the survey. We will be posting a Community Needs Assessment Report shortly. Click Here to take survey

CEY Assessment Report (PDF)