Native American Children Training Forum

Department of Health and Human Services-Administration for Children and Families
Strengthening Child Welfare Systems to Achieve Expected Child and Family Outcomes
The deadline to apply is June 18, 2018
The purpose of this funding opportunity is to award up to five 5-year cooperative agreements for the development, implementation, and evaluation of strategies that focus on better adoption outcomes by improving basic social work, legal, and judicial practice in order to eliminate systemic barriers to: adoption; preventing entry into foster care; and other forms of permanency. Due to the intersection of permanency, safety, and well-being, an effective system reform effort focused on improving adoption outcomes by improving concurrent planning and reducing time to permanency will also require attention to safety and well-being outcomes. Therefore, through these grant awards, the Children’s Bureau (CB) aims to support states with resources to implement and sustain child welfare system improvement efforts, including technical assistance support, in order to assist grantees in strengthening outcomes related to permanency, safety, and well-being. For more information go to:

Department of Health and Human Services - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Tribal Behavioral Health Grant Program (Short Title: Native Connections)
Deadline to apply is June 22, 2018
The purpose of this program is to prevent and reduce suicidal behavior and substance use among AI/AN youth through the age of 24 years. Therefore, SAMHSA is limiting eligibility to these entities since they are in the best position to implement the goals and objectives of the program. For more information go to:

Department of Justice-Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention
OJJDP FY 18 Mentoring Opportunities for Youth Initiative
Deadline to apply is June 28, 2018
This multi-category solicitation supports youth mentoring services (1:1, group or peer) provided by National and Multi-State mentoring organizations; and mentoring for specific populations. The specific category titles are: National Mentoring, Multi-State Mentoring, and Supportive Mentoring Services for Youth on Probation. For more information go to:

Department of Health and Human Services - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Grant Program
The deadline to apply is June 29, 2018
 The purpose of this program is to improve outcomes for these children by developing, maintaining, or enhancing infant and early childhood mental health promotion, intervention, and treatment services, including: (1) programs for infants and children at significant risk of developing, showing early signs of, or having been diagnosed with a mental illness, including a serious emotional disturbance (SED) and/or symptoms that may be indicative of a developing SED in children with a history of in utero exposure to substances such as opioids, stimulants or other drugs that may impact development; and (2) multigenerational therapy and other services that strengthen positive caregiving relationships.  For more information go  to:

Department of Health and Human Services-Administration for Children & Families
Basic Center Program
Deadline to apply is July 5, 2018
THE BCP works to establish or strengthen community-based programs that meet the immediate needs of runaway and homeless youth up to age 18 years of age and their families. BCPs provide youth with emergency shelter, food, clothing, counseling and referrals for health care. Basic centers can provide temporary shelter for up to 21 days for youth and seeks to reunite young people with their families, whenever possible, or to locate appropriate alternative placements.  For more information go to:

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago is pleased to offer the Doris Duke Fellowships for the Promotion of Child Well-Being. These fellowships are designed to identify and develop a new generation of leaders interested in and capable of creating practice and policy initiatives that will enhance child development and improve the nation's ability to prevent all forms of child maltreatment. Theapplication period for FY 2018 is now closed. To apply for the fellowships, please go to this website:

Children's Bureau: An Office of Administration for Children & Families
Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and tribal consortia are eligible for federal funding to administer title IV-B and title IV-E programs. Tribes are also eligible to apply for discretionary grants. For more information, click here.

Edison International: Community Grants Program
The Community Grants program provides grants up to $5,000 to non-profit organizations whose missions and programs align with our priority areas. Grant applications are accepted online during the grants application periods. The next opportunity to submit a grant application will be in March 2017. For more information on Eligibility Requirements & Program Information, click here.

SERVE: Indigenous Social Workers for Change
Interested in pursuing a Master’s in Social Work? SERVE is a program funded by the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC), which focuses on recruiting Native American students into the Title IV-E program that supports degree bound social work students interested public child welfare.  If you are interested in learning more about the program and social work career options, click here.

Educational Assistance for Foster Youth
Access to higher education has become increasingly essential to obtain economic independence and success in today’s world. The following resources provide information about accessing higher education opportunities and financial scholarships for youth in or aging out of the foster care system, including State and local examples.  For more information, click here.

Educational Assistance for Adopted Youth
This website contains information on college scholarships, vocational education, and tuition waivers. Some States and private organizations offer scholarships and tuition waiver programs to youth who have been involved in or were adopted from the child welfare system. For more information, click here.


This project is supported with funding awarded by the federal Children's Justice Act, through the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, with grant award CF15048670